Unmet Needs Leading to In-Home Health Care

Coastal Care Nursing

As you get older, your needs change with your health, physical & mental abilities. Some of those things may be the ability to drive or even shop for yourself. Mental abilities would be more along the lines of forgetting to take certain medications at specific times throughout the day. Those are what we refer to as “unmet needs”.  The main reason why older people choose to move into an assisted living facility is to have those needs addressed and taken care of to ensure the best lifestyle possible. However, most people feel more comfortable staying in their own homes, adding to the risk of unmet needs.

The national median costs associated with assisted living was found to be $3500/month, a pricey deterrent for many. This is especially true for those that have only a few things that fall into the “unmet needs” category. Hence, this is why Coastal Care Nursing’s in-home health care services are becoming even more popular. Choosing your services by working with an assigned case manager, who will work with your family to customize an individual plan that meets “unmet needs”.

Here at Coastal Care Nursing, we provide Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides that are committed to our mission to love, care, and serve so that your needs are met with the utmost respect.

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