Brain Health

Coastal Care Nursing

Brain health is an essential part of how your body will handle aging, both intellectually and physically. Engaging in mentally stimulating activity can significantly improve brain health. Playing games, reading a book, writing stories, and poems can all benefit the overall strength and even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Make it a priority to help your loved ones find ways to stay physically and mentally fit to keep engaged and active. Little steps like ordering the newspaper to be delivered daily to their home can provide them mental exercise, which research shows is more neurologically demanding than just viewing images. Visualization, dialectal, and associative learning all stem from reading.

Writing or typing is also a beneficial exercise as it requires cognitive coordination and visual focus.

There are many ways to keep your loved one engaged and active for the betterment of their overall mental health. Take the precautionary measures now by being proactive in acquiring the tools they need to get started. 

Coastal Care Nursing provides healthcare professionals and home health aides to assist in these kinds of activities.

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