Gathering Important Information

Coastal Care Nursing

As your loved ones get older, it's crucial to make it a priority to collect pertinent information. Some of the documents that would be among the most important would be health records, doctors contact info, insurance, finances, and other essential personal information.

A good place to start would be finding out where your loved one stores their financial and legal paperwork. This could prevent unnecessary confusion and chaos in the event of an unforeseen medical situation. Here are a few things to keep in mind as your loved one ages: 

  1. If you see anything changing in the behavior, speech, or health of your loved one, make a note. Always go with your gut instinct and follow up on those concerning signs.
  2. Tag along to a doctor's appointment to find out what medications they are currently on and find out what Doc says about their current condition.
  3. Be sure none of the medications in the home are expired as this can pose a health risk.
  4. Organize tasks between family members or service providers. It's always best to have a family action plan in place before something were to happen. Some of the tasks would be yard maintenance, cooking, cleaning, financial aspects, and driving to and from doctor appointments.

These are all great ways to be prepared as your loved one ages. It's always best to have a plan in place rather than to have things in turmoil while simultaneously trying to provide care. Coastal Care Nursing provides trained CNAs and HHAs that love and care with their whole hearts. We can take the responsibility off of the family's shoulders and help you in maintaining reliable and outstanding home health care.

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