Effective Communication With Older Adults

Coastal Care Nursing

Everyone wants to be heard and understood, but it’s especially important when it comes to the elderly. As they age, it’s important to make them feel as if their words are valued, and their message is being received in a receptive manner. Here are some helpful tips when speaking to older adults.

  • Speak very clearly so older adults who suffer from hearing loss can hear and understand what you are saying.
  • It’s challenging for older people to concentrate if there is a noisy atmosphere while you’re trying to talk to them. Take them to an area where there is a quiet setting for dining out, shopping, or at home.
  • When you position yourself face to face with them, they can easily see your nonverbal language as well.
  • Just because we all get older, doesn’t mean we don’t like to hear a good joke once in a while. Laughter is always the best medicine. Watch a funny movie or tell a joke. Laughing is healthy for the soul.
  • When speaking, truly listen without interrupting. That way, you are letting them know their words are valuable to you. Even if they tend to have a few long pauses while telling a story, use your patience.
  • Soak up the wealth of knowledge that cannot ever be replicated in books or the internet. Encourage them to share their wisdom, stories and knowledge that only can be obtained from living the years of life that they have.

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